Doesn't She Have Better Things To Do

I couldn't help but notice the name at the end of this email to AndrewSullivan.com, reprinted in its entirety:

Dan: Too bad you missed “Once Upon a Mattress” in San Francisco last year. They took your casting suggestion and then some. Lea de Laria played the princess. As you know, she is huge, loud, funny, gay, and in my book a far better musical comedy performer than Rosie O’Donnell. With this formidable comic presence at its center, the show—which is pretty slight—turned into something really memorable. If you print this, please give credit to 42nd Street Moon, a mostly-amateur local company that does a great job reviving obscure musicals.

I always enjoy reading your column locally in the SF Weekly, even though I’m almost completely uninterested in the subject matter. You’re a great writer and a principled person, and I’m enjoying your blog very much. Barbara B.

I guess taste in entertainment is another area where I and "the senator from California" don't see eye to eye...

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