Interesting Searches

People are continuing to reach my blog through searches even though I haven't been updating. The first one involves, as unlikely as this may be, someone at Bank Of America musing about quote "Could the disparity eventually lead to the class conflict that Karl Marx and Max Weber predicted? " Apparently this person is quite conflicted. Way to go continuing to perpetuate disparities in wealth through your facilitation of the capitalist system and then agonizing over its philosophical consequences.

The second noteworthy search came someone wondering about "Immanuel Kant's views on gay marriage." I wasn't aware that the gay marriage debate extended back to the 18th century. Kind of reminds me of the title of one of Oren Cass's blog posts, "Shakespeare opposed the war in Iraq," but that one was supposed to be a joke.

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Fist said...

Weber predicted the same conflict as Marx? I really don't think so.