For The b(n)erds

You know how when you get only one hit on google search (including any hidden results), the corresponding search phrase is refered to as a "googlewhack?"I hereby introduce the logical successor to the googlewhack, the "blogwhack."

Everyone who has a blog takes a pride in seeing their site come up on a search engine. When your site comes up high in the search results, especially when it is number one, it is especially rewarding. Since for the majority, the only conceivable way of attaining this status is for the search to turn out a single result, the "blogwhack" is a vital commodity for any blogger's self-esteem.

The blogwhack is any search phrase that lands the user at your site, and ONLY your site. I will leave it to the more nerdily-inclined to come up with a scoring system. I leave as a suggestion that it take into account, along the lines of the googlewhack, the 1) commoness of the individual words as measured by the number of search hits they produce individually, 2) the number of words (the fewer the better). In addition, I think it should somehow take into account context (not sure how).

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