Attention - Public Service Announcement

I don't know what to say in response to that last entry, except for the fact that absolutely no one reads my blog so the message is bound to be wasted, and that the cause might be better served by reporting it to the Better Business Bureau.

Sad to see that Jung won't be blogging for a while. This makes blogging less fun for me, and I'm inclined to take a break until the summer as well. Note, though, that I'm exercising the proper courtesy here in clearly indicating that there won't be much updating going on in the next few months, so as to minimize inconvenience. It seems to me that standards of etiquette are hugely underappreciated in the blog world, and in the computer world in general. How hard is it to leave a short post so people will know you won't be posting for a while and not to check your blog? A partial explanation for this phenomenon is the anonymity factor. That is, the presence of standards of etiquette is inversely related to the degree anonymity. If you wanted to further the ethical analysis, you could draw the conclusion that this shows that etiquette - which is supposed to be an impersonal imperative - is actually very much dependent on personal factors.

But Adam, readers of this blog will undoubtably retort, you're an incredibly rude person online. This is true. I am guilty of impersonating other people, typing in annoying fonts, sending cryptic messages and generally annoying people at times. I am well aware that there are numerous people who treat me with much affection in real life who refuse to talk to me online for this very reason. Hopefully this is something that will go away with maturity, or with getting beyond seeing AIM as an inherently ironic medium. (Interesting side question: would I respond a similar way to the introduction of the telephone if I was alive for that era?)

I guess it would be appropriate to leave with a series of links to blogs that I read on a regular basis, in case anyone should land at my blog, looking for something to do.
http://www.andrewsullivan.com/ (sometimes)

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