Not Self-Promotion

I'm on a kick of promoting HBO lately. If you don't get HBO, you can probably still download a fair number of these shows from somewhere.

If you watch any TV this year, make it "Da Ali G Show." Why? Because of lines like this:

"People has been reading books for millions of year. But did you know that, thanks to new techmology, they is now able to write them as well?"

"Is you so against abortion because you yourself were aborted?"

"Does you know how much money the film 'Lord of the Rings' has made? Literally, thousands of dollars."

"I is going to write president Bush's autobiography."

"Ain't fur coats the way out of the ghetto for some aminals?"

"So how many times is aminals really sick and how many times is they just faking it so them can get a day off work?

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