The Times Gets Me Thinking

Lots of big surprises in the New York Times today. The Times has officially come out with the fact that they support John Kerry (over George Bush) for this election. Well at least I can sleep easier now that the suspense is over!
But this got me thinking. Really, it seems to me the only way to change anyone's mind about the Bush administration through persuasion is for it to come from a non-liberal. The whining from the left started the day this president took office, and has droned incessantly and unrelenting ever since. No amount of whining, no matter how fundamentally correct or well-corroborated with facts, will make one iota of difference coming from an established left-wing media outlet or a prominent liberal. It will just blend into the constant drone of very vocal Bush hatred that everyone has come to expect from these sources. The only way people's minds will be changed by persuasion is if someone who has not yet taken sides, or is not affiliated with the left, comes forward with a strong criticism of Bush. At this point for all people who genuinely, vocally do not like Bush it's like the boy who cried wolf: Bush could do the most terrible things imaginable and the anti-Bush crowd's whining wouldn't rise any higher than its current fever pitch. And no one would notice anything out of the ordinary. That's why I was so happy about the Democratic Convention. They realized that they weren't going to get anywhere complaining about Bush, that people were already tuning out. People already know where Democrats stand on George W. Bush.

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