That's My Line

This has been a time of rapid change at KrisKraus, and I will do my best to clarify any confusion. Having co-founded this blog with me and bestowed the "Kris" half of the name KrisKraus, Kris Jenson has decided to leave us after a scant one post. Now Noah Kistler, my old friend from when I used to live in Stow, has stepped up to replace Kris as my blogging partner. He's not a socialist, but he does go to Wesleyan, so that's pretty close I figure.

It's good that Noah took it upon himself to welcome himself so I didn't have to do it. To that fine introduction to Noah Kistler I would just like to add that because of where Noah goes to school, I'm not supposed to affiliate with him or like him at all. But I'm a deep person and Noah's a complex guy, so I can overlook that aspect of him.

As you can see, Noah leads a riveting life eating, surfing the internet, reading, watching movies, and occasionally doing something productive. Maybe if we have this blog long enough we'll add a web-cam feature to capture Noah in action. With continued reader support / donations, one day we'll be able to make that happen.

Hopefully the format will be the same, with each of us responding to each others' posts, but it may end up that we post on separate topics. Noah's more politically engaged than I am so maybe he'll take up posts on that topic. He's also a big movie buff who knows about all kinds of films, American and foreign. In fact, he has a photographic memory and can give you the dialogue at any point in any movie made between 1986 and 2001. Well maybe the last part's not true. Either way, Noah will surely play a valuable role helping to defend the blog from right-wing attacks.

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