Unflattering Promotion

Seems like a lot of people are calling Kerry this nowadays. It makes sense that most of the people who pass this judgment are Democratic voters, so what is up with Kerry that inspires them to call him a douche? He has a respectable history of accomplishments and he's certainly competent. So what if he's a Democrat and he comes from a lot of money, so does every other politician. Why wasn't Howard Dean a douche? (He was). Ok, but here are some more substantial reasons why I think he is regarded as a douche.

1) He wavers, which many interpret as hypocrisy, or worse yet, indecisiveness. Welcome to the worst criticism of liberalism embodied.

2) He says things to try to please people. No different from any other politician, but with his tendency to hedge his positions on points, it's more pronounced.

3) He's not very likeable. He's aloof. People think that politicians who claim to fight on the side of the common man should interact with the common man.

4) He's an elite. I know I already got to the money thing, but there's something off-putting about an almost billionaire heiress's husband who lives a lavish lifestyle with 6 houses and yet claims he wants to reinstate taxes for the rich.

Of course all of this should be disregarded by Kris, who will undoubtedly vote for the socialist party's candidate.

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