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As a sophomore in high school, I began playing solo jazz piano in restaurants, country clubs, golf-club dinner rooms, and private functions, which is harder to do than you would think for those like myself who do not belong to a musician's union. If for some inconceivable reason you are impressed and/or desperate enough to wish to hire me directly over the internet based on this brief exposition of my skills and/or chutzpah, feel free to email me. All inquiries should be made with at least 2 months of advance notice.
See below for music performed by me:
1998: The earliest dated recording I know of: / Bouncing with Bud / Misty / Dolphin Dance /
1999: / Bag's Groove /(duet)
2000: Natick Arts Center; all musicians from high school: / One Finger Snap / Boplicity / Nica's Dream / / I Mean You / Nostalgia in Times Square / Confirmation / Con Alma / "Jam" / Maiden Voyage /(solo)
2001: Herbie Hancock Tribute at the Center for Arts in Natick during a break from college: / Canteloupe Island / Three Wishes / Eye of the Hurricane /
2002: Pretty experimental, kind of free-style song solo: / Dolphin Dance /
2000: I staged a small funk concert in my high school theatre, pejoratively refered to by a musical friend as my "recital." From the CD: / Hang up your Hang Ups /
2001: These took place at a high school benefit concert for Amnesty International. Pardon the sound mixing issues on some tracks: / Actual Proof / Cissy Strut / Driftin' /
2001: An original funk song performed as an opener for the group Jiggle the Handle. The main section is written in groups of 6 measures: / Original /
2001: An impromptu, unrehearsed recording. The song we're playing is another original: / Original / 2

What attracted me to jazz.
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