Kris' first post

It seems that Adam has been busy for the past few days. Or perhaps the opposite is true. Either way, here's my first post.

The world of blogs is rather new to me. I've read a few over the years since they began catching on, but I never kept up with too many of them because they were either so right wing that I would get too frustrated to continue, or they were just a guy posting links to various articles saying things like "I found this amusing, check it out," or "This is fucked up. Seriously. I have no words." Not terribly engaging.

So when Adam and I began discussing the possibilities of running our own blog, I was interested but not very excited. I tried having a Livejournal once; that pretty much crashed and burned. Every time I've kept a journal it hasn't lasted me more than a week and I have no idea what to write about. So I have no expectations from this experience.

I think Adam pretty much summed up why we're doing this blog. We are not seeking to revolutionize blogging, nor are we trying to say that our posts will be free of all irony or narcissism; in fact, it seems to me that the act of blogging or posting anything about yourself on the internet is inherently narcissistic. But let's see where this goes. Feel free to comment away.

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