A First Post

This will be the first post, so I figure it will be a good place to explain my vision of what this blog will be. This blog is meant to be different from other blogs. Instead of displaying only what I think, or what Kris thinks, this blog will be an unplanned online conversation between both of us. Blogs are supposed to be windows into the spontaneous world of someone else's thoughts or something, and this blog really will be: what follows will be an unplanned and ongoing debate between two people with different viewpoints. We're not sure what the format will be yet, whether each topic will be strictly composed of two sub-posts, or if we'll use an Onion-style point-counterpoint format, or maybe we'll just ignore each other. Hopefully not though. Feel free to take sides in your comments, or contribute additional facts or arguments we may have left out. We don't fight or argue a lot in real life, even about the kind of topics we'll handle over here, we're just kind of exhibitionistic. Hopefully the end result will be less narcissistic and more meaningful than other blogs. We will promise never to do anything like post our academic papers on the blog, or anything else that upsets the blog-gods.

We're going to try to each post about any chosen topic, although on occasion we'll post about separate topics. Kris, if you feel I have misinterpreted the project, let me know.

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Anonymous said...

"KrisKraus," what a cute name that is. How clever. The thoughts and essays presented on this page are increasing in quantity. Yessir. When are you guys gonna add porno photos? You could use the gimmic of picketer's signs! Pornography always adds the icing to the cake, which in your case is made of ice cream.